Expand Recurring Events only works when Grouping


If I don't group by site the expansion of events does not return the correct dates (not expanding) but the links do go to the event (might be nice to source the calling page on that link so you return back to the site rather than getting stuck in the calendar /_layouts/CopyUtil.aspx?Use=id&Action=dispform&ItemId=3&ListId={5DCC6FC5-EF24-4AE8-A575-13C94E502030}&WebId={20EA0662-4FD8-4B77-8D9A-D96A541F987D}&SiteId=9618996e-bdc8-424c-95f3-384671ecc6e9 works!).
If i group by site then the recurrance dates look to be expanded (a few days prior to month beginning and a few days after month end, though) but the link is broken (/_layouts/CopyUtil.aspx?Use=id&Action=dispform&ItemId=3.0.2009-12-28T20:30:00Z&ListId=26575048-68bc-469d-8050-c23e4bbc0e23&WebId=2673061e-5518-4ca5-b787-14f143a6bb3f&SiteId=9618996e-bdc8-424c-95f3-384671ecc6e9 does not work - Use=id?).